Workforce Solutions

Macro Pros’ Workforce Solutions services help companies address the talent challenges organizations face today. Our services allow you to take a more strategic approach to your workforce in order to support organizational objectives, better manage risk and have more confidence in your teams.


Macro Pros’ processes drive efficiencies and boost performance levels and competency for an organization. Often this more strategic approach to hiring and workforce planning helps smaller and mid-market companies better compete for talent against larger, more established organizations with larger budgets.

Workforce Planning

Macro Pros will engage all the necessary stakeholders to craft a talent plan to support the organization’s business goals. The workforce plan will better identify the type and amount of talent you’ll need to avoid costly talent gaps in the organization.


Let Macro Pros handle the recruitment administration so your team can focus on the more strategic tasks. Our services include job posting and advertising, candidate scheduling and coordination, interviewing, screening, background checks and running payroll.

Technical and Behavioral Assessments

Over time, the difference in productivity between an average performer and a high performer is significant, and nothing assists with identifying these high potential performers like assessment testing. Macro Pros offers assessment testing to ensure candidates not only have the technical proficiencies required for the role, but we also offer assessments for abilities, aptitudes, personality and workstyle.

Building and Maintaining Talent Pools

Take your recruitment sourcing from reactive to proactive with Macro Pros’ Talent Pooling solution. Build talent pools with frequently required skill sets that align with your organization’s goals. Talent pooling assures a constant flow of available candidates when needed.

Career and Succession Management

When you take an active role in career and succession management, it not only minimizes turnover risk, but it demonstrates to employees that the organization is interested in their long-term career prospects, which in turn boosts retention. Let Macro Pros guide you through your career and succession management.

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